Eclipse GCJ Builder


GCJ Builder is an Eclipse plugin that integrates GCJ compiler within Eclipse build infrastructure. Make is used to build GCJ enabled projects with the plugin's generated makefile.

The plugin offers a configuration panel that enables developers to manage different compiler and linker options visually.
GCJ Builder was developed as an easy to use tool for GCJ new comers and savvy developers, and intends to offer a straight forward way for developing Java applications with GNU's open source compiler for Java.

Have fun! :)




1.1.0 Release
  • Eclipse 3.1 M7 compatible
  • new and improved project property panel
  • improved compiler/builder console
  • per project settings in xml format (incompatible with old format, previous settings are lost)
  • per project makefile template, can be modified by users
    as needed
  • various other fixes