Eclipse GCJ Builder

Plugin setup

- Plugin Install:

Extract "plugins" folder from downloaded zip into Eclipse folder then start (restart) Eclipse

- Eclipse setup

  • Add a new entry in:
    "Window>Preferences>Java>Build Path>Classpath Variables"
    Name: GCJLIB
    Path: path to libgcj-X.X.X.jar (i.e /thisiscool-gcc/gcc-3.4/share/java/libgcj-3.4.0.jar)
  • Uncheck "Refresh workspace automatically" from Window/Preferences/Workbench

- Project configuration:

  • Create a new Java Project
  • click "Project>Properties" (on main menu) and select "Java Build Path"
  • click on "Libraries" tab and remove "System Library" from list
  • click "Add Variable" button and select "GCJLIB"
  • click GCJ Project Settings and tick "Add GCJ support" checkbox
  • now set different options for your project, see bellow:

[Click to enlarge]

  • Add/Remove GCJ compiler support for current project
  • Global compiled target configuration, release or debug
  • Target type configuration, executable or shared object
  • Option to compile selected jars form classpath as static objects with static linking
    or as shared objects with dynamic linking
  • Select jars from project classpath to be compiled and linked as specified
  • Linker view with configuration for libraries search paths and libraries names
  • Resource view for resource inclusion in compilation unit
  • Various other options specified by user